Mark Tansey

MARK TANSEY, Garden, 2006, oil on canvas, 48 × 36 inches (121.9 × 91.4 cm). Photo by Douglas M. Parker Studio

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The dense imagery that permeates Mark Tansey's canvases can be sourced to a trove of visual material that the artist has collected over the years. This includes his own photographs, as well as clippings from magazines, journals and newspapers. Tansey begins his creative process by stretching, rotating or cropping forms, combining images and photocopying them over and over again until he produces a collage that can serve as a preliminary study for his paintings.

Tansey's work typifies the complexity of our age, when certainty seems more elusive than ever. In his paintings, it is difficult to determine whether east is west, up is down, left is right, or good is evil. The literal is the figurative, and the figurative is literal. Tansey embraces this ambiguity and invites the viewer to participate in a visual and metaphorical adventure.