Inez & Vinoodh

INEZ VAN LAMSWEERDE AND VINOODH MATADIN, Me Kissing Vinoodh (Eternally), 2010, silkscreen, 35 5/8 x 46 inches  (90.5 x 116.8 cm)

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Working together for twenty-five years, cult photographers Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin were among the first to harness the full potential of digital manipulation to the portrayal of the human condition. Corrupting photography's "decisive moment", they imposed their aesthetic intention upon reality, drawing upon various imaginaries from the Gothic to Pop art via Surrealism. Using techniques both cutting edge and arcane, they have treated the nude, portraiture, fashion, and popular culture as well as experimental montage and assemblage. In a recent essay, Michael Bracewell defines them as potent protagonists of the post-Warhol era, infiltrating "the pristine mirror of consumer culture" precisely in order to destabilize it.

Combining the beautiful with the bizarre, the elegant with the extreme, the classical with camp, Inez & Vinoodh's edgy images cast human identity as exquisite corpse, the surrealist spirit of transformation that fueled the historical imaginary and which has become, more than ever, a sustaining aesthetic principle of our time.  With process and production conceived as a Möbius strip of interlinking subjects, techniques, and mediums, their oeuvre inhabits adjacent visual systems while resisting confinement to any single one. Often their more experimental artwork acts as grist for commercial commissions and vice versa; hierarchy is ignored and the same images may appear in different incarnations according to context. Using the digital medium as the very tool of the uncanny, Inez & Vinoodh seek ever new ways to suggest the complex internal dynamics that lie beneath appearances, sometimes even cutting through the seamless surface of the photograph via graphic or sculptural means.

Inez Van Lamsweerde was born in 1963 in Amsterdam, Netherlands and  Vinoodh Matadin was born in 1961 in Amsterdam.  Public holdings and exhibitions featuring the work of Inez and Vinoodh have been presented extensively around the world including P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, Mussée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris, Musuem of Modern Art, Oxford, Fondazione Re Rebaudengo, Torino, and the 1995 Biennale di Venezia. Solo exhibitions include “Heaven,” Central Museum, Utrecht (1993); “Inez Van Lamsweerde: Me,” National Gallery of Iceland, Rekjavik (1999); “Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin,”  Groninger Museum, Groningen (2000); “Pretty Much Everything: Photgraphs 1985–2010,” FOAM Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam (2010); and “Inez and Vinoodh,” Fotografiska, Stokholm (2015).

Inez and Vinoodh currently live and work in New York City.