Glenn Brown, Daydream Nation, 2017, oil on panel, 44 1/8 × 31 1/2 inches (112 × 80 cm) © Glenn Brown

Glenn Brown / Transmutations: What's Old is New Again at the Jordan Schntizer Museum of Art, Eugene, Oregon.

On view May 18 through August 19, 2018.

Building upon the Masterworks on Loan program, this exhibition marks the first time the museum has collaborated closely with Masterworks lenders to showcase the work of a single artist. Seven pieces are drawn from the Peterson Family Collection, with an additional loan from Emilia and Tad Buchanan. Together, the selected works provide a cohesive sampling of Glenn Brown’s diverse oeuvre and creative ethos.

Born in 1966, Brown trained in Bath and London before securing his place of prominence in contemporary art. Finding inspiration in the art historical past, he embraces the concept of appropriation and uses it as a means to create original work without rejecting the rich history of style and iconography that precedes him. Often pushing the boundaries of the recognizable and enigmatic, he finds balance between influence and copy, new and old, reverence and play.

Seven of the chosen works highlight the paintings and drawings that comprise the majority of Brown’s output, alternating between direct and opaque references to masters of the Renaissance through the nineteenth century. Merging the mediums of drawing and painting, these pieces provide a window into Brown’s creative process and attention toward art historical conversations on brushwork and surface. A single sculpture completes the exhibition, demonstrating the compelling means by which Brown adapts his techniques to a three-dimensional medium. Brown’s sculptures are an extension of his works on paper and his interest in merging mediums; they are envisioned as three-dimensional paintings that use bronze as their support instead of paper or canvas.

Each piece tells its own story while participating in a larger conversation that illuminates Brown’s distinctive style in which the past is simultaneously recognized, revived, and re-envisioned as something entirely new.


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