Artwork © Urs Fischer. Courtesy of the artist

Urs Fischer at the Modern Institute - Aird's Lane, Glasgow, United Kingdom.

On view April 20 through May 7, 2018.

Glasgow International is Scotland’s largest festival for contemporary art, taking place every over three weeks every two years across the city of Glasgow. Renowned as a center for contemporary art, the festival draws on the city’s strengths as a vibrant and distinctive center of artistic production and display. Combining the characteristics of a conventional visual arts biennial, with an open source model for artists and curators based in the city, GI is a truly unique project in the European cultural calendar.

GI provides a unique platform, combining a strong interwoven offer of commissions and exhibitions by both artists living locally and internationally, in both large-scale and familiar public venues as well as smaller less conventional sites. Glasgow has an unusually rich visual arts sector, described by The Guardian as the "most developed arts scene outside London."

The Modern Institute presents an exhibition of new work by Urs Fischer, spanning the Aird’s Lane gallery space and adjacent Bricks Space.

Fischer’s multi-faceted practice explores and extends the possibilities of sculpture, painting, and image production. Drawing on Western art history and popular culture, he re-adjusts the techniques and processes underlying the creation of artworks and the ways in which they are received.

His twist on "the real" resonates with movements such as Pop, Dada, and Surrealism, all of which similarly toyed with the found image and the everyday object to create new and unanticipated combinations.


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