Nissen hut. Photo by Tamsen Dillon.

As part of 14-18 NOW and the Foresty Commission's Shy Sculpture Series, Rachel Whiteread has been commissioned to cast a Nissen hut in Dalby Forest, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

On view beginning fall 2018.

Deep in Yorkshire’s Dalby Forest stands a ghostly white cabin. By casting in concrete the interior space of a Nissen hut from the forest—the pre-fab military structure invented during the First World War—artist Rachel Whiteread has turned it inside out.

The Forestry Commission, which manages Dalby Forest, came into being in 1919 to replenish the nation’s strategic timber reserve after the First World War. Nissen huts were utilized in the labor camps created to support the planting of Dalby Forest. They were also used in prisoner of war camps in this and other forests across the country.

By focusing on empty space and transforming it into sculpture, Whiteread—one of this country’s most important living artists and the first woman to win the Turner Prize—creates a haunting testament to the war’s impact on every part of the British landscape. This monument brings visitors into the heart of the forest, a living, breathing space in which to view art.


Dalby Forest 
North East Yorkshire | YO18 7LT | UK
Website: 14-18 NOW | Rachel Whiteread