Jeff Koons, Balloon Dog (Yellow). Artwork © Jeff Koons.

Jeff Koons and Snapchat have partnered for virtual art installations worldwide.

Jeff Koons is an iconic American artist who takes pop-culture icons and everyday objects—like a simple balloon animal—and reimagines them. Koons casts these images in colorful stainless steel to give them new weight and new meaning. Discover Koons’s digital Lenses installations scattered across the world to experience them for yourself, and learn a little more about them!

These art exhibits will be landing in major parks and landmarks in the US, Canada, UK, Paris, Australia, and Brazil beginning October 3, 2017—with more locations worldwide to follow. Each location will feature one of Jeff Koon’s brilliantly colored sculptures, including: Balloon Dog, Swan, Rabbit, Popeye, and Play-doh. The works will be available at each park for a couple of weeks at a time before traveling to new locations, which will be reflected on the website as well.

To discover these Lenses, Snapchatters must be within about 300m of the Lens and have the latest version of the Snapchat app installed. Then, Snapchatters will simply have to tap the camera screen to populate the Lens carousel. If nearby, the Jeff Koons Lens will appear first in the Lens carousel. After a brief animation, an on-screen guide will lead Snapchatters to the Lens.



Website: Art.Snapchat | Jeff Koons