© Duane Hanson.

"Hyper Real" at the National Gallery of Australia, Parkes, Australia.

On view October 20, 2017 through February 18, 2018.

A levitating man, a genetically engineered baby, towering giants—welcome to humanity amplified. Featuring uncanny figures with painted silicon skin, glass eyes, human hair, and cutting-edge digital art, "Hyper Real" provokes reflection, fascination, fear, and joy. From eerily lifelike sculptures to out-of-this-world virtual reality, this major exhibition charts the evolution of hyperrealism into the 21st century. A compelling chronicle of the cycles of life and our constant need for connection, "Hyper Real" explores the fundamental question: ‘what makes us human?’

The exhibition presents major works from early American pioneers George Segal, John De Andrea, and Duane Hanson, celebrated Australian artists Patricia Piccinini, Ron Mueck, and Sam Jinks, international masters Maurizio Cattelan (Italy), Berlinde de Bruyckere (Belgium), Evan Penny (Canada), Sun Yuan, Peng Yu (China), and many more.

Hyperrealism, paralleling photorealism in painting, began in the 1960s and 70s when a number of sculptors became interested in a form of sculptural realism based on a vivid and lifelike representation of the human figure. From kinetic sculpture to bio art, this exhibition extends our perception of what constitutes the hyperreal.


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