Damien Hirst - Theories, Models, Methods, Approaches, Assumptions, Results and Findings

Hymn, 2000
Painted bronze
240 x 108 x 48 inches (609.6 x 274.3 x 121.9 cm)
Ed. of 3


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Opening: September 23, 2000 6-8pm

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce the much-anticipated exhibition of new work by Damien Hirst. This show will inaugurate the newly remodeled Chelsea gallery and will be the artist's first major show in four years.

As one of the most recognized talents of the Young British Art movement, Hirst has risen to international prominence, startling the art world and the world at large with brilliantly conceived projects that are instantly identifiable as the work of a unique and provocative imagination. Often controversial, his most celebrated work has never shied away from the terrible beauty that lies in death and the inevitable decay contained in beauty.

Hirst's works continue to infuse everyday objects with a sense of the sublime and the absurd. The exhibition will include 16 new sculptures and a new series of paintings. It will feature Hymn, a 20-foot tall painted bronze anatomical model. This transformation of a childhood educational toy into a monumental sculpture is emblematic of Hirst's playful nature. A desire for order and a humanized science is embedded in a group of spectacular wunderkammers (glass cabinets of curiosities) that make visceral the themes of absence, longing, memory and loss. Also included in the exhibition are a number of works that further Hirst's meditations on the impermanence and fragility of life.

A fully illustrated catalogue with essays by Gordon Burn and George Post will accompany the exhibition. The artist will also produce Magnificent 7, a limited edition made to coincide with the exhibition.