Richard Serra - Wake  Blindspot  Catwalk  Vice-Versa

Richard Serra, Blindspot (detail), 2003, weatherproof steel, 14' × 60' × 29' 6" (4.2 × 18.3 × 90 m) © Richard Serra. Photo by Dirk Reinartz.


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Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of four new sculptures by Richard Serra: Wake, Blindspot, Catwalk, and Vice-Versa.

This exhibition expands upon Serra's use of sculptural shapes and configurations first introduced in his exhibition "Torqued Spirals, Toruses and Spheres" at Gagosian Gallery in October 2001. In three of the sculptures, Wake, Blindspot, and Vice-Versa, Serra continues to develop his vocabulary of toruses (or toroid) and spheroid sections. "To begin to understand these forms," Hal Foster has written, "picture a column or (better) a doughnut: its outside edge will describe a spheroid section, while its inside edge will describe what is called a torus, and each will have the same radius."

Blindspot carries on from where the configuration of Serra's Torqued Spirals and the shapes of the Toruses and Spheres of the earlier exhibition left off. It is composed of six plates, three spheres and three toruses.

Wake occupies the largest space in the gallery, with its five pairs of locked toroid forms measuring 14 feet high, 48 feet long and six feet wide apiece. Each of these five closed volumes is comprised of two toruses, with the profile of a solid, vertically flattened S.

Vice-Versa consists of one toroid pairing, here presented in an open configuration.

In Catwalk (Reverse Camber) a single, 16 by 22 foot horizontal plate bridges the elevational cut flanking the incline plane of the gallery floor.

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