Dan Flavin & John Chamberlain - Sculptures
Installation views

Photo by Alison McDonald
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Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of sculptures by Dan Flavin and John Chamberlain. 

The exhibition includes Flavin's four-part installation Untitled (to Hans Coper, master potter), 1990. In this work, four vertical towers of white fluorescent light illuminate the gallery space. Each of the four elements has the same physical structure; the only variation lies within a subtle, progressive shift in a single hue. Reading from left to right across three gallery walls, the first tower glows with all pure white fluorescent light; in the second the cool white fluorescent light is punctuated by a single tube of warm white fluorescent light; in the third, by a single tube of daylight fluorescent light; and in the final element, both daylight and warm white fluorescent light, one tube of each, offer a final variation to the artist's reduced, yet radiant color palette. 

In their sheer physicality and resplendent color, the three sculptures by John Chamberlain in the exhibition offer a material, visual counterpoint to Flavin's Untitled (to Hans Coper, master potter). Apparentlyoffspring, Anteambulo Quincunx and A Spear de Corps, all from 1992, expand on Chamberlain's signature handling of found, distorted metal. The sculptures' often baroque, twisted ribbons of rhapsodically colored steel incorporate mass, space, volume, openness, weight and material.

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