Richard Serra - Torqued Spirals, Toruses and Spheres

Richard Serra, Betwixt the Torus and the Sphere (detail), 2001, weatherproof steel, three spherical sections, three torus sections, 142 × 450 × 319 inches (360.7 × 1143 × 810.3 cm) © Richard Serra. Photo by Dirk Reinartz.


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Opening reception: Thursday, October 18, 6 – 8pm

Gagosian Gallery Chelsea is pleased to announce an exhibition of six new sculptures by Richard Serra. Torqued Spirals, Toruses and Spheres announces Serra's involvement with new sculptural shapes and configurations.

In recent years Serra has explored the effects of torqued forms in a series of single and double-torqued ellipses. The two torqued spirals in the present show Bellamy and Sylvester, titled in honor of two recently deceased friends, turn the interior corridor of the double torqued ellipse into a seemingly endless path into the core of a torqued spiral. Hal Foster in his text for the exhibition catalogue vividly describes the experience of walking the spiraling path: "It is as if your body becomes its own roller coaster, one tracked not up and down but round and round".

Betwixt the Torus and the Sphere and Union of the Torus and the Sphere introduce entirely new shapes into Serra's sculptural vocabulary. For the first time he works with spheroid and toroid sections. In Betwixt the Torus and the Sphere three toroid and three spheroid sections are assembled to create five unique passageways. In Union of the Torus and the Sphere, a toroid section and a spheroid section lock together to create Serra's first sculpture with an interior volume that cannot be entered. Both of these sections, with their extreme lean, are freestanding.

Elevational Wedge is a site-specific work. Its elevation from zero to five inches over the length of approximately twenty-two feet levels the incline of an existing ramp in the south gallery. Ali-Frazier continues the extensive series of Serra's forged pieces. The two massive blocks set in identical rooms vary in width by eight inches. This variation in measure is almost impossible to ascertain visually but is felt as a difference in volume, a difference in the weight of the solid in relation to the volume of the room.

Torqued Spirals, Toruses and Spheres is the most extensive exhibition of Richard Serra's major sculpture on view in New York since his 1986 retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art.

A fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition.