Dexter Dalwood - New Paintings
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Reception: October 12th, 6 - 8 pm

The Gagosian Gallery is very pleased to announce the exhibition of new paintings by Dexter Dalwood to be held in London from October 12, to November 18 2000.

This is the first exhibition of Dalwood's work since he was featured in the Saatchi Gallery's New Neurotic Realism exhibition where his paintings of fictional interiors of actual places and celebrity homes were greeted with great degree of critical admiration and enthusiasm.

In this new group of darkened and intensified work, Dalwood's interest shifts to depicting interiors, which related to critical moments of contemporary history, or scenes of celebrity tragedy. As a genre, painters of contemporary history are almost extinct but Dalwood reinvigorates this style by utilizing our fascination with the macabre and our obsessive intrigue with the lives of the famous. He enlivens the work by incorporating elements or sections of styles or paintings by well-known twentieth century painters.

"Brian Jones Swimming Pool" is painted as if the artist were standing at the bottom of a drained swimming pool, looking up towards the edge. The inside of the pool resembles a beautiful blue and white abstract painting by Clyfford Still. In "Mount Carmel, Waco," a stationary fan, the ubiquitous horror movie symbol, hangs over a brightly swirled carpet, before a small wooden altarpiece. Outside the bleak landscape with a solitary hut on a hill refers directly to an Andrew Wyeth painting of the West. Another painting to indulge our often morbid interest in contemporary myth is "Kurt Cobain's Greenhouse."

A fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition.