Richard Serra - Rounds

Willie Dixon, 1997
Painstick on paper
50-1/4 x 55 inches (127.6 x 139.7 cm)


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Gagosian Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of new drawings by Richard Serra. This series, begun in the spring of 1996 and completed at the end of summer in 1997, marks a departure for Serra's work on paper. Although using the same media as previous drawings, both the way in which the oil stick is employed and the resulting surface textures are dramatically different in these completed works. The surfaces are built-up, active and dense; they appear to be virtually three-dimensional.

These drawings were created during the same time period Mr. Serra was fabricating Torqued Ellipses, which is currently on view at the Dia Center for the Arts, in Chelsea. This new body of drawings represents the first in-depth investigation of round and elliptical forms and their relationship to the rectangular paper format.

A fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition.