Cy Twombly - Bacchus

"CY TWOMBLY: Bacchus," installation view

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Opening reception for the artist: Tuesday, November 1st, 5–7pm

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Cy Twombly. The exhibition is comprised of eight monumental paintings and one sculpture, all completed in 2005.

Fleshy grounds are violently activated with large, dripping loops of red oil paint. These compositions will immediately recall the gestural force of Twombly's "Blackboard" paintings from the mid-1960s and continue his ongoing search for universal truths locked away in the annals of myth and history.

The full title of the exhibition, "Bacchus": "Psilax" and "Mainomenos," refers to the opposing natures that constitute the character of the God of wine, pleasure and festivities. On the one hand, Bacchus is Psilax: "psila" being Doric for wings, suggesting that he can uplift men and women, lightening their spirits. On the other hand, Bacchus can be Mainomenos: the crazed, violent God of Dionysian fury.

A fully illustrated catalogue with essays by Olivier Berggruen and Malcolm Bull will accompany the exhibition. For further information please contact the gallery.