Chris Burden -
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Opening reception for the artist: Wednesday, May 10, 6-8pm

During (the early 1970s)…Burden's shockingly simple, unforgettable, and strikingly poignant performances took the jaded art world by surprise as an example of what the most extreme art could be. The image of Burden that unfortunately continues to resonate in the public mind is a of a young man who had himself, shot, electrocuted, impaled, cut, drowned, incarcerated and sequestered. Although the early performance works remain critical to understanding the formal and thematic concerns of Burden's post-performance sculptural works, too often the myth obscures the facts.

Paul Schimmel "Just the Facts" from Chris Burden, Newport Harbor Art Museum, 1988, p. 15

Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibition by Chris Burden. The exhibition will present various means of evidence; photographs, relics, and films, made during Burden's performances and events from the early 70s to the 80s.

The exhibition will include the Deluxe Photo Album, 1971-73, photographs and texts documenting legendary performances such as Shoot, and Five Day Locker Piece. Several Relics from Burden's performances will also be displayed. The Relics are critical artifacts and physical touchstones from Burden's performances such as Trans-Fixed, 1974 and Dreamy Nights, 1979.

Also included in the exhibition are television "commercials" Burden made in the mid 70s, which were originally screened during airtime Burden had purchased on television stations in New York and Los Angeles. These commercials have recently been made into a small edition on DVD and will be presented on a monitor in the gallery. Another film work Beam Drop, 1984 will be shown in its original 16mm presentation which documents the free-fall of 60 large steel I-beams into a pit of wet cement, to form a massive permanent sculpture.

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