Damien Hirst - No Sense of Absolute Corruption

Some Comfort Gained from the Acceptance of the Inherent Lies in Everything, 1995
Steel, glass, cows and formaldehyde solution
12 tanks: 78-3/4 x 35-3/8 x 11-3/4 inches each (200x 90 x 30 cm)


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One of the most innovative and controversial artists, Damien Hirst will present an exhibition entitled No Sense of Absolute Corruption at Gagosian Gallery, 136 Wooster Street from May 4 through June 15, 1996.

Hirst's work traverses extremes from fin de siècle decadence to classical beauty, from the visceral to the conceptual. His work is always a celebration of life and derives from the exigencies of our time: death, decay, and disease—often presented within the cool formalism of the glass vitrine or the white cube. Metaphors of pharmacology, media propaganda, and the estrangement from nature are communicated through both the form and content of the work. Influences range from Francis Bacon to English punk to 60s Op-art.

In the upcoming exhibition a wide range of Hirst's work will be presented in New York for the first time: an optical wall painting, a shifting, multi-paneled advertising billboard, spin paintings, and four new ambitious works in sculpture, all of which were created specifically for this exhibition and will be installed by the artist.

An accompanying catalogue of Damien Hirst's work will be published by Gagosian Gallery on the occasion of this exhibition.