The Figure In and Out of Space -
The Ride on the Eight of Infinity, II (The Motorcycle Bride), 1969-1971
Mixed media
12' 6" x 15' 1" (381 x 460 cm)

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Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of major works by Georg Baselitz, Sigmar Polke and Jenny Saville.

Three paintings are on display: Georg Baselitz's "Bilddrei" (1991), Jenny Saville's "Shift" (1996-1997), and Sigmar Polke's "The Ride on the Eight of Infinity, II (The Motorcycle Bride)" (1969-1971). The juxtaposition of these works makes transparent the impact of space on the painted figure.

In Baselitz's large-scale painting, outlines of genderless bodies levitate lifelessly. Any unique characteristics are obliterated by forceful black blotches. More realistic human flesh is the focus of Saville's "Shift." Despite the exposed skin, identities are clouded as bodies end at the neck and the two present faces are relegated to canvas edges. In Polke's work, a bright exploding tumbleweed of body parts and geometric shapes confounds the distinction between organic and inorganic.

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