Same Time This Year -

DAMIEN HIRST, Armageddon (detail), 2002, house flies on canvas, 144 × 108 inches (365.8 × 274.3 cm)

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Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce a summer group exhibition titled "Same Time This Year." The exhibition includes work by Douglas Gordon, Damien Hirst, Vera Lutter, and Andy Warhol.

Exhibited for the first time is Damien Hirst's Armageddon, which Jerry Saltz describes as:

"…the most shocking thing … Hirst's huge, black-and-bluish monochrome made entirely of dead flies. This painting is a perfect metaphor for the fears of the present moment and a reminder that when Hirst is mythologizing himself he's capable of remarkable things."
Village Voice, January 22–28, 2003

Also in the exhibition are haunting industrial landscapes by Vera Lutter and two video works, a text piece and a selection from the Blind Stars series by Douglas Gordon.

For further information please contact the gallery.