Anselm Kiefer - Dein und mein alter und das alter der Welt

Your Age and Mine and the Age of the World (Dein und mein alter und das alter der welt), 1997
Emulsion, acrylic, clay and sand on canvas
130 x 220 1/2 inches (330 x 560 cm)


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Gagosian Gallery is proud to announce an exhibition by Anselm Kiefer entitled "Your Age and Mine and the Age of the World." The show will consist of five large new paintings measuring an average of nine feet high by twenty three feet wide. Accompanying these images will be a series of books on display made by the artist.

Since his emergence in the late 1970's, Kiefer has been one of Germany's most significant artists. He was recently featured in the 1997 Venice Biennale with a one-man show held at the Correr Museum, concentrating on recent paintings and books.

As Heiner Bastian has written in the catalogue which accompanies this exhibition: "If these works have a metaphor at all, it is the metaphor that conveys their poetry far away, in the half-obliterated lineaments of the past. One line of a poem takes the analogy far beyond the horizon of paintings, of the horizon of books, to a place where mysterious objects of knowledge exist." As well, this is a painting of agony, of a journey through a bleak and devastated landscape. For, into symbolic beauty, the destructiveness of reality enters."