The Human Body in Contemporary American Sculpture -

DUANE HANSON, Bodybuilder, 1989–95, autobody filler, polychromed in oil, mixed media, with accessories, 47 x 38 x 39 inches (119.4 x 96.5 x 99.1 cm), ed. of 2

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There has always been tremendous interest in the human form and its influence on contemporary art. Whether highly representational or abstracted almost beyond recognition, the human form serves as the subject, the object, and, at times, the vehicle through which the final work is realized. The human body is particularly evident in sculpture because of the direct spatial relationship to the object, where the viewer's own body is one of the primary means through which the work is interpreted and compared.

Gagosian Gallery's exhibition The Human Body in Contemporary American Sculpture unites a diverse group of artists, some of whose primary medium is sculpture, and some who have used sculpture to further explore issues of form found in their painting. This exhibition spans four decades and includes the work of twenty-two artists.

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