Ed Ruscha

Books by Ed Ruscha


14 books within a specially-made handmade black book case; dimensions of each book vary

Books included in the set:
Twenty-Six Gasoline Stations, 1963, 2nd Edition (printed 1967)
Various Small Fires, 1964, 2nd Edition (printed in 1970)
Some Los Angeles Apartments, 1965, 2nd Edition (printed 1970)
Every Building On The Sunset Strip, 1966, 2nd Edition (printed 1971)
Thirtyfour Parking Lots in Los Angeles, 1967, 1st Edition
Royal Road Test, 1967, 4th Edition (printed 1980)
Nine Swimming Pools, 1968, 1st Edition
Crackers, 1969, 1st Edition
Real Estate Opportunities, 1970, 1st Edition
A Few Palm Trees, 1971, 1st Edition
Records, 1971, 1st Edition
Colored People, 1972, 1st Edition
Hard Light, 1978, 1st Edition
S Book, 2000, 1st Edition


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