Unsigned puzzle

Signed by artist: " "Merry, Happy, Puzzle making! Good luck with your new years resolutions! xoxo Dan Colen"

"Merry, Happy puzzle making" detail

"Merry, Happy, puzzle making" with puzzle

Signed by artist: "Better than real art! it's a puzzle!!! have fun! But not too much. Dan Colen"

"Better than real art" detail

"Better than real art" with puzzle

Signed by the artist: "Season's Greetings the jokes on you!!! xoxo Dan Colen"

"Seasons Greetings" detail

"Seasons Greetings" with puzzle

Dan Colen

Rock! Scissors! Sh... No! No! No!, Scissors! Rock! Paper! Shoot! Puzzle


200 piece puzzle

16 x 11 inches (40.6 x 27.9 cm)

Edition of 100 Produced by RxArt, all proceeds benefit RxArt

Puzzle is sold signed or unsigned. Please specify in Options.

$500.00 USD