Sterling Ruby, ACTS/GOSSAMER, 2015, clear urethane block, dye and formica, installed: 66 1/8 × 114 1/2 × 35 1/8 inches (168 × 290.8 × 89.2 cm); urethane block: 30 1/2 × 72 × 7 1/8 inches (77.5 × 182.9 × 18.1 cm); pedestal: 35 5/8 × 84 × 35 1/8 inches (90.5 × 213.4 × 89.2 cm) © Sterling Ruby. Photo by Robert Wedemeyer. Courtesy Sterling Ruby Studio.

"Proof of Life" / "Lebenszeichen" at Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art, Bremen, Germany.

On view May 19, 2017 through February 25, 2018.

The construction of the Tower of Babel as a massacre. The artist as a dead revolutionary. A stained-glass window made from butterfly wings. "Proof of Life" brings together 100 paintings, sculptures and photographic works that investigate existential questions in a both palpable and profound manner. Their aesthetic impact inevitably draws the viewer into its spell. What these works bring to view is linked to a tradition of influential pictures, some of which go far back in time. The presented works simultaneously quote, seduce, irritate, provoke and thematize concepts of moral values. This includes a summons not only to situate in historical terms what is being seen, but also to relate it quite concretely to the present. The works come from a private collection that has never before been publicly presented in this form. "Proof of Life" presents a precise selection of in some cases space-encompassing but always impressive works by international artistic stars such as Louise Bourgeois, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Anton Corbijn, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Thomas Houseago, Anselm Kiefer, Daniel Richter, Sterling Ruby, and Richard Serra.


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