Rachel Feinstein, Roma, 2017, vinyl
 poster quadri 150 GR, dimensions variable © Rachel Feinstein.

Rachel Feinstein has installed her Roman Notebook at Le Mur, Paris, France.

On view June 1 through July 29, 2017.

Watching from a wide angle, revisiting history, stepping in discreetly while staying true to oneself, contemporary, open to time and surprises. That's what Rachel Feinstein achieves all at once. Her "Roman notebook", that of an artist in search of the light, is projected on walls and comes to rest on the Wall of the Rue Saint-Bon in a natural way. Beyond the classic motif, connoisseurs will identify the glass shards creating differences within the apparent familiarity.

Viviano Codazzi's ‘unsurpassable veduta‘  is somehow surpassed by the incorporation of the observer within the piece, as he faces his own reflection at various points of the architectonic views.

The composition is narrative and takes place as a promenade, making a stop on the Wall of the Rue St-Bon for a conversation in the language of Watteau, and perhaps also of Stendhal, leading its convoy of travelers and, as he himself puts it, of "happy few". When silence descends, Chirico is the one who stops the chatter, opening up the whole space to monuments that were first too famous to be looked at with the solemnity and respect that they now command.


Le Mur
Rue Saint-Bon | 75004 Paris | France
Website: Le Mur | Rachel Feinstein