Vera Lutter, Montauk, Waning Crescent, 2011, Archival pigment print, 25 7/8 × 33 7/8 × 1 3/4 inches, framed (65.7 × 86 × 4.4 cm) © Vera Lutter.

"Lunar Attraction" at The Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts.

On view October 15, 2016 through September 4, 2017.

As Earth's closest celestial body and only natural satellite, the moon has engaged our curiosity and imagination over millennia and across cultures. Contemporary artists use the moon as both a source of inspiration and investigation. Lunar Attraction features artworks and interactives that explore our longstanding fascination and connection with the moon, ranging from myths about the connection between werewolves and the full moon to the gravitational pull that controls Earth's tides to the 21st-century international race to build a base on the moon.

Lunar Attraction features works by Michael Benson, Adam David Brown, Craig Dorety, Fred Espenak, Foster + Partners, Sharon Harper, Beth Hoeckel, Mike Libby, Scott Listfield, Vera Lutter, Greg Mort, Takashi Murakami, Young Sook Park, Adrien Segal, Reel Water Productions, Sputniko!, Peter C. Stone, Brian Thomas, Philip Weber and Joseph Wheelwright.

Susan and Appy Chandler, the East India Marine Associates and the Art & Nature Committee of the Peabody Essex Museum provided support for this exhibition.


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