Annette Messager - Dépendance/Indépendance

DépendanceIndépendance, 1995–97
Mixed media
Dimensions variable


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Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition of the work by the acclaimed French artist Annette Messager. For this, her most recent exhibition in New York since a 1995 mid-career survey show at the Museum of Modern Art, Annette Messager will present a major installation entitled "DépendanceIndépendance." Originally produced and exhibited at the capcMusée de l'art contemporain de Bordeaux in France during the summer and fall of 1996, this work is a massive summary of the object vocabulary Messager has developed over the past several years.

The installation is composed of hundreds of separate elements including photographs, plastic bags, stuffed animals, netting, stuffed fabric forms, and colored pencils all hung from the ceiling on single threads of yarn. Messager has described this work as "like rain: every raindrop is unique and independent, yet it is a multitude of drops that fall on us... For this show I wanted this enormous rain of yarn... a rain of objects. They do not touch each other. Each do not touch the photos, each do not touch the colored pencils, each do not touch the cloth words. It is the viewer who penetrates and brings these isolated elements into contact with each other. I had wanted an oppressive density, but at the same time I find my own freedom there."

On the occasion of this exhibition Gagosian Gallery has produced a catalogue entitled Annette Messager: Penetrations with an interview between the artist and Jean Louis Froment and reproductions of selected works and installations from 1991–96.

For further information please contact the gallery.